Rip Curl Search iPhone app won’t sync

If Rip Curl Search App either does not sync when your watch is connected, or cannot find your watch, please follow the below instructions.

* Rip Curl Search App is designed to transfer surf data from your SearchGPS watch to the Search App & the Rip Curl cloud server. In addition, the app transfers Quickfix satellite orbit data to your watch

To pair your iPhone, iPad or iPod with your SearchGPS watch follow these steps:

1. Ensure your device is compatible. 

2. Make sure that your watch and phone or mobile device  are close to each other.

3. On your iPhone, make sure Bluetooth is enabled.

4. On your SearchGPS watch navigate to MENU > SURF > SYNC. 

5. On the Search iPhone App navigate to MENU > Watch


After a few seconds the devices will pair. Click "SYNC NOW" on your iPhone to download any available surfs and upload the latest satellite orbit paths to your SearchGPS watch.  


1. Ensure your SearchGPS watch is in SYNC mode and has “PAIRING” flashing on the screen.  Choose “WATCH” menu item on your Search iPhone App. Press “Sync now” when your watch is connected.

2. Uninstall and reinstall Rip Curl Search App.
To uninstall hold your finger on the App icon.  The press the “x” when it appears.  Don’t worry.  All your surfs and settings are saved on the Rip Curl cloud server.

3. Once you've downloaded and reinstalled Rip Curl Search App try syncing in your SearchGPS watch again.

4. If Rip Curl Search App still doesn't connect to your SearchGPS watch, perform “SYSTEM RESET” under watch settings menu.  (you will lose any surfs on the watch if you perform a system reset.)   We recommend connecting to the Rip Curl Desktop “Search Connect” App, to transfer your surfs from the watch before performing “System reset”.
Please contact us if Rip Curl Search App still doesn't sync when you connect your SearchGPS watch.

Please contact us if your Rip Curl SearchGPS watch still doesn't sync to your Search APP.

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