Facebook will not connect when signing in

This will happen if your Facebook account uses a different email address to the one you used to sign up to Rip Curl SearchGPS app.

To fix this, and connect your account to Facebook you need to;

1. On Rip Curl 'Search App'. Log in using your original account email and password.  
Go to SETTINGS menu. Check your email address at the top of the page.  

‚Äč3. Log into Facebook on your computer.  Make the SearchGPS account email address your primary email on Facebook.  
Go to Facebook > Profile > Update Info > Email > Edit.

4. On Rip Curl Search. 
Go to SETTINGS menu.  Turn Facebook connect ON.  

Now you can log in using Facebook and share your surfs all from your correct account.


In the Apple IOS 8 upgrade, or iPhone 6, there is a bug that automatically turns off all Facebook authorisations. 
On iPhone go to SETTINGS > FACEBOOK > look for Search App. Then turn OFF then back ON.

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